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The Janesville to Beloit Peace Trail Project

Bridging our communities…The Peace Trail, south of Janesville, connects Janesville to Afton and eventually to Beloit. The photo above shows where the gravel ends …. ½ mile south of Tripp Road…with 1.5 miles to go to Afton. $1.00 per foot is all it takes to keep it going!

The vision for the Beloit-Janesville Bicycle Route (Peace Trail) is to provide a regional bicycling and recreation connection focused on Rock County’s natural and cultural heritage,specifically celebrating the Rock River and associated environmental corridors as a unique ecosystem with local and regional significance. The establishment of this corridor will enhance the quality of life of current and future Rock County residents and diversify opportunities for recreation and tourism within the region. Additionally, the development of this corridor will have a positive economic impact for the communities it connects and passes through, particularly the charming hamlet of Afton located roughly halfway between the Tripp Road trailhead and Big Hill Park. Finally, development of the Janesville-Beloit Bicycle Route demonstrates the continued commitment of Rock County, The City of Beloit, the City of Janesville, the Town of Rock, and the Town of Beloit to sustaining and enhancing the unique experience one enjoys as a resident, business, and/or visitor to the region.

Explaining the Plans. Photo by Mark Preuschl
Explaining the Plans. Photo by Mark Preuschl

One anticipated benefit of the development of a dedicated bicycling route between Beloit and Janesville is the enhancement of the economic viability of all of the communities the route touches. Businesses in Beloit, Janesville, and Afton all stand to benefit from the increased interest and traffic that the proposed route is sure to generate. National studies show that 43% of vacationers cite bicycling as an important factor in selecting a destination. In Wisconsin, there is substantial, documented evidence that a recreational, multi-use trail provides communities with an economic shot in the arm.

Peace Trail Project Downloads

Download Janeville-Beloit Peace Trail Project Overview by Schreiber Anderson

Download Janesville To Beloit Peace Trail Project Brochure

Peace Trail Project News

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