Group Riding Safety

Helmets are REQUIRED to ride with the Stateline Spinners.
Legality of Group Riding
  • “Riding two abreast is permitted as long as the normal and reasonable movement of traffic is not impacted”
  • “Riding more than two abreast is prohibited except on paths of roadways set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles”
Why Ride in Group?
  • Socialize
  • Faster
  • Safer? Yes & No; a skill set is required and can’t control motorists
How do we ride in a group?
  • Wheel distance usually 1-3 feet
  • Trust in other riders
  • Wheel overlap….do at own risk
  • think of the group
Group Riding Techniques
  • Pace line….wind, “pulling off”, “going dead”
  • Echelon…pace line at an angle
  • Rotating pace line
  • May use all on a given ride
Fitness of Riders
  • 65% Rule
  • Fast riders slow down and do more work
  • Slow riders speed up and do more work
  • 15 mph — 100-135 watts
  • 25 mph — 295-320 watts
  • 27 mph — 360 watts and up
How to have “class as a rider”
  • Are you the strongest…do more work
  • Are you the weakest…do less work
  • Ride clean, be smooth and courteous
  • Eventually everyone dissapoints…;earn, forgive and have fun!