Hammer or Rabbit? – Stateline Spinners featured in Beloit Daily News

Stateline Spinners Bike Beloit Daily News
Stateline Spinners news article by Shaun Zinck

From the Beloit Daily News, Saturday, October 4, 2014 – By Shaun Zinck

On a warm August evening the “Hammers” are leading the pack down Afton Road in Beloit. The “Rabbits” – the largest section of riders – isn’t far behind, and the “Cruisers” and “Rec Riders” bring up the end of the line.

The Stateline Spinners is a group of 25 to 30 bicycle riders that meet every Tuesday during the summer to ride different routes in Beloit. Rick Barder said the group started about 10 years ago. “We started as a very small group with five or six people that met at LeesonPark,” he said. Read the rest of the story….

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